What Is the Magic Flower Sex Toy?

What Is the Magic Flower Sex Toy?

Sex toys come is many different shapes and sizes, it makes sense with advancements in every other field that the sex toy industry would receive the same bit of love. If you look at the market, the sex toy industry has come along just as fast as many other digital and tech related fields.

People value a good orgasm and providing them with the best materials, realism and mobility has been at the forefront of sex toy research.

Women’s orgasms have received the most attention with toys designed for internal and external satisfaction, one such area of focus is clitoral stimulation.

What Are Clit Suckers?

Clit suckers are standalone or a vibrator extension that provide sucking sensations to the clitoris. These clit suckers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, from tiny animal shaped clitoris suckers to what this post is about – the flower clit sucker.

To understand the concept of a clit sucker, a bit better, you can imagine a tiny device with multiple modes and vibration settings with the sole goal of pleasing the clitoris. These wonderful little sex toys can be used on other areas of the body as they replicate the sucking sensation of a person. I personally love using a clit sucker to stimulate my nipples and inner thigh before setting it loose on my little friend.

The Magic Flower Clit Sucker

The magic flower clit sucker is a flower shaped clit sucker that is small and mobile, while providing multiple sucking modes. This beautiful stimulation toy is cute and makes the orgasm feel far less mechanically induced and almost provides a romantic feel to situation.

Most of these little floral beauties are standalone, however some come with a lovely vaginal or anal vibrating extension.

They are also waterproof for some outdoor fun or alone time in the shower and are made of a very safe medical grade silicone.

One concern while travelling is, will my battery life last the extent of my trip? The answer is, this depends on the length of the trip but they do have a very long battery life as well as coming with the convenience of a charger.


In conclusion the magic flower clit sucker is a magnificent sex toy and if you love the clitoris stimulated then this is a must have for your collection.

Most of these clit suckers come in the shape of a fully bloomed rose, which in my opinion is just so damn cute.

A good battery life, aesthetically pleasing design and outstanding functionality make this an absolute no brainer when considering adding this to the sex toy bucket list.

Safety is always a concern and I obviously don’t recommend using the clit sucker for hours at the maximum suction setting, however this device is really safe and made from medical grade silicone so skin reactions won’t be a thing.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the magic flower sex toy and feel free to give our other posts a read.

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